Spring 2019 - A Very Busy Time at the Winery

This winter was a busy time at the winery. Peter completed a lot of construction work inside the winery building, while Margie completed the UC Davis Winemaking course and also completed several tasks required for our manufacturing license. The team worked with a design company and finalized what our first three fruit wine labels will look like.

Spring promises to be even busier.


Pruning in the Bee & Thistle home orchard is underway, with pruning of the big orchard scheduled for August after harvesting is complete and the plants go dormant. Sustainable weed control activities have been completed.

Soil samples of the two Haskap orchards, plus Ravensfield’s Cherry orchard, are on their way to Ontario. Once the results are back, we’ll purchase fertilizer according to the soil samples.

As soon as the Bee & Thistle Orchard gardens are accessible, we will plant new Currants, as well as our usual very large vegetable garden. And very exciting is the research and purchase of a new Bird Gard system that will protect all of our fruit and produce from avian wildlife: blackbirds, robins, finches and, most of all, our nemesis cedar waxwings.

A major task scheduled for May is the transplanting of 1,000 Cherry trees from their current location at Bee & Thistle Orchards to Ravensfield. Once the new location is properly tilled and mulched, the trees will be relocated.

The winery building is well on its way to completion. Electrical and plumbing tasks are underway. Heating and cooling systems are planned as well. The floor will have epoxy applied as soon as the weather is favourable, and winemaking equipment will be ordered shortly. Once the land around the building is free of snow and mud, brick and metal siding will be applied to the front and back, and landscaping started.

We update our blog quite regularly as we work to complete the winery. Follow along on our progress.