Who We Are

The Bee & Thistle Winery is a family owned and operated craft winery in Debden, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Ownership of the winery is all in the family: Peter MacInnis (CEO and Orchard Caretaker); Peter’s wife, Margaret (van Bommel) MacInnis (Winemaker); Peter’s brother, Collin MacInnis (Foreman, Technical Expert); and sister, Anne (MacInnis) Greeno (General Manager).

Peter and Margaret own Bee and Thistle Orchards which supplies the winery with its signature fruit, Haskap, as well as Rhubarb. Collin owns Ravensfield Farm which will supply Cherries, Black Currants and Saskatoon berries.

With the input of the combined acreage, the winery will produce top quality fruit wines starting in late 2019. Future expansion plans include melomels and mead. Liqueur, dessert wine and other fruit table wines will round out the offerings. Sparkling wine will be added as the production capacity expands. Peter also has future aspirations to add a distillery unit to the winery, having taken a Distillery course in Kelowna, which would enable the winery to expand into gins, brandies, liqueurs and vodkas. 

Our Team

Peter and Margaret MacInnis 

Peter brings his extensive military experience to the business after serving in the Royal Canadian Navy on both the east and west coasts of Canada.  He is currently an Electrician and Maintenance Planner with a uranium mine in Saskatchewan, and has previously worked in the oil industry in Alberta. Margaret was a registered nurse, providing first level care services in both Nova Scotia and British Columbia.  

Margaret obtained the UC Davis Winemaking Program certificate in March, 2019. This certification offers Bee & Thistle Winery the expertise of a full-time certified Winemaker. Peter is a trained distiller; his skills will be utilized to produce various base alcohols which will then be developed into Haskap gin and other fruit liqueurs.

Peter and Margaret are co-owners of a Haskap orchard which supplies Bee & Thistle Winery with all of the berries needed for their Haskap wine production. With initial planting in 2013, the orchards thrive and continue to produce a bountiful crop each year.  Their orchards are being expanded to include other fruits, such as Rhubarb, to diversify the wine offerings in the near future.

Collin MacInnis

Collin also brings with him extensive military experience with his service in the Royal Canadian Air Force in both Canada and Germany. He is currently a Power Engineer with a major oil and gas company in northern Alberta, and his expertise with maintenance of equipment and his ability to think outside the box will be valuable assets to the winery. Collin is developing his own acreage nearby, Ravensfield Farm, which will specialize in Carmine Jewel Cherries and include other fruits in the coming years, including Black Currants and Saskatoon berries.

Anne (MacInnis) Greeno

Anne has 35 years in business and project management after working with two major Canadian organizations that provide services to banking, financial and IT industries. She has extensive experience in team leadership, resource management and marketing. Anne is the tireless contributor of new ideas, calling on her expert interpersonal skills to help develop the website, marketing materials and branding. 


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