Winemaker Notes: Introduction From Our Winemaker


Update: Margaret obtained the UC Davis Winemaker Certificate in March, 2019.

Original Blog:

I am currently studying the UC Davis (University of California) Winemaker Certificate Program. The studies began in September, 2017. Successful completion of the first four modules was achieved with an A average. The modules include:

  1. Introduction to Wine and Winemaking - completed December, 2017

  2. Wine Production - completed March, 2018

  3. Wine Stability and Sensory Analysis - completed June, 2018

  4. Viticulture for Winemakers - completed December, 2018

  5. Quality Control and Analysis in Winemaking -anticipated completion March, 2019

The courses are intense and are delivered online with weekly lectures in the ZOOM platform where we meet with the instructor and class. Prerequisites for the program include University Level Chemistry 101 (which luckily I had!).

Transferring all the knowledge from winemaking with grapes to fruit winemaking may be a challenge, but I feel well-prepared. In addition, several instructors are willing to help in the adaptation phase.

I fully anticipate my Winemaker Certificate will be received by the end of March.

I am excited to be able to start my Winemaking career with Haskap fruit wine. Follow along on my weekly progress reports, starting with test batches.

Margaret, Winemaker, Bee & Thistle Winery Inc.