Winemaker Notes: Process Design

In order to get our manufacturer’s license, we have to submit a Process Design folder, which basically outlines the steps we will be taking to actually make wine! But I’ll have to describe each task more fully, including what equipment will be needed and so on. This is no small task, and it’s my job as Winemaker to get it done, so I’m starting today.

Basic Outline: This is very very basic and will be extended to a fully detailed folder on submission.

Step 1

Sanitize receiving facilities. Obtain berries from freezer.

Step 2

Thaw in maceration and primary ferment tubs, test, and make adjustments as required, adding enzymes, acids, S02 and sugar, and nutrition as required in proper sequence.

Step 3

Inoculate, ferment until a specific Brix with thrice daily punch-down and monitoring—keeping on cooling jacket to 18-20C, supplement with further nutrition according to testing, press and pump to tank, monitor until dry continue to cool to 18-20C, doing twice daily punch-down closer to when dry. When dry, rack and return, make adjustments. Do stability checks, and stability procedures.

Step 4

Prepare to rough filter and back sweeten as required, doing sensory analysis with a small panel. Allow to settle for some time as it melds and blends itself. Assess blending with other tanks and make decisions. Finalize stabilization routines after blending. Tank age for several more weeks under nitrogen blanket. Assess daily for any amendments or changes, stability and/or further measures.

Step 5

Prepare bottles, bottling line, labels, caps. Do a final membrane sterile filtration, pump directly into sanitized receiving tank and to bottle. Cap, label.

Step 6

Allow bottles to recover from bottle shock for 3 weeks, storing in cold dark storage-room. Send to market.