Bee & Thistle Winery is proud to be in the forefront of the development of Haskap and Canadian fruit wines. Our first Haskap wine, “Chiad Fhion” and our first Rhubarb wine, “Loch Aline”, will be available for purchase in our online store, in retail, and in selected restaurants in late 2019.

Each wine style will be expertly crafted by our onsite Winemaker, Margaret MacInnis. Margaret received the coveted Winemaker Certificate from UC Davis in California in March of 2019 after nearly 2 years of intense study and practice. UC Davis is world-renowned for its research and educational programs which teach Winemakers to understand, apply current research and improve the complex process of winemaking.

E labore dulcedo: Our family crest motto: ”From work comes pleasure”; the driving force behind everything we do. Our mission is to work hard, nurture the Haskap berry and other fruits, and have them supply and reward us with many years of crafting quality fruit wines for you to enjoy.


Photo credit: Mary Fraser


The Bee & Thistle Winery Acknowledges the Following Businesses


Veritas is our creative Graphic Designer for our wine labels. Reach her via Instagram here: Veritas

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Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. provides our buckets that we use to freeze our fruit. Reach them here: Pro-Western Plastics Ltd.


Just Chill provides rental services for mobile refrigeration and freezing. These units are extremely useful during the harvesting process. Reach them here: Just Chill