Construction of Our Winery Building

Once we received county approval to put up the winery building, it was full steam ahead. Winter comes early to the prairies so it was a bit of a race to get it roof tight before the snow. Peter and Margie will continue to work on the inside during the winter, with an estimated completion date of March, 2019.


A local contractor helped ready the plot for the foundation.


Milestone - Gravel


Milestone - Cement Floor

Peter ribs.jpg

Peter assembled the ribs bolt by bolt before they were erected

half way.jpg

The shell is half way up

two of them.jpg

Peter and Margie’s son, Ben, came from British Columbia to help Peter, Margie and Collin.

Last Rib, October 2, 2018


Siding on the front and back of the building will go on in the spring of 2019


Last of the outside work done before winter; garage door and mandoor


Inside work underway


Insulation on the ceiling and walls is finished and framing walls are constructed


Saskatchewan Power installed a new transformer for the winery, which has higher power needs than the house and barn, with a separate meter too.

Tin from loft.jpg

The inside of the building is looking so good!

Tin utility room.jpg

The utility and storage units are coming along nicely.

Peter Electrical.jpg

The electrical is going in


The electrical panel is now installed

Trenching for the electrical power line is underway.